The current Lundquist Report attributes OeKB a high level of awareness for digital stakeholder communication, placing the specialist bank among the top 5 non-listed companies in Austria.

Digital communication on the test bench

The annual Lundquist Report has analysed the digital communications of major European companies and has come to an interesting conclusion. The analysis focuses on how well companies manage to raise confidence among their stakeholders and how to transport their business model, corporate values and self-image via website, social media and other digital channels.

The positioning of OeKB in the upper field of participants

OeKB amongst top performers

OeKB achieves a leading position in the ranking of non-ATX-listed Austrian companies. The study attests OeKB a comprehensively satisfying digital communication, in which the bank manages to "tell and not just to explain, the identity of the company in the digital space". OeKB comes fifth, ahead of companies such as Wiener Stadtwerke or Hofer. Winner of the category is ÖBB, ahead of Borealis. The prestigious Lundquist Report has been conducting analyses of companies' digital communications for 22 years.