A direct connection to the SWIFT network incurs high infrastructure and IT costs. However, OeKB - as a certified SWIFT Service Bureau - offers companies a comprehensive outsourcing solution for handling all their SWIFT communication via OeKB’s system.

The advantages of SWIFT and of OeKB’s SWIFT connection

Perfect for globally active companies

Does your company work in an international network and process payments with different banks and in several currencies on a daily basis? This results in high overheads in managing payment transactions transparently and efficiently because you have to deal with numerous different points of access, passwords and data formats.

All account information at a glance

With SWIFT you save time, money and energy and communicate with banks and other financial institutions around the world effortlessly, quickly and easily. You can track all your transactions worldwide on a daily basis - and in a standardised format. Instead of checking with your foreign subsidiary´s bank whether the local customer has already paid, you can view all your bank accounts via a single access point. This reduces your expenses for specialised staff and minimises your IT complexity to almost zero.

  SWIFT - The "Internet of Banks"

SWIFT stands for "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication". Since 1973, the organisation has been operating the global network of the same name for worldwide financial messaging services. In addition to banks and financial service providers, more and more globally active companies are using it for particularly secure data exchange. SWIFT enables standardised, reliable communication with more than 10,000 organisations from over 210 countries.

SWIFT outsourcing with the collective licence of OeKB

While a direct connection to the SWIFT network incurs infrastructure and IT costs, we are able to offer an extensive outsourcing solution that lets you process all your SWIFT communications via OeKB’s system. You can use the collective licence of OeKB for the SWIFT software components for a significant reduction in your costs.

With a dedicated SWIFT address, your company preserves its autonomy to the outside world, while you save costs on specialized staff, operation of the hardware, software updates and licences. 

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