As the central hub for financial data, OeKB owns the biggest pool of financial data in the country, with details on more than two million financial instruments in Austria and abroad. With our tailor-made range of data, you can be sure of reliably securing the exact data you need.

Your situation

You are a financial service provider, a data provider, an official institution or a body that represents the interests of its members, and have to be able to depend on serious data material. Reliable data and analysis ratios are critical to your success.
We therefore want you to be able to access the exact financial data that you need, or to input the data directly into your own systems.

Our service: Customised data service

We supply comprehensive Austrian and international data on financial instruments, funds, stock markets and issuers. Our range of financial data includes, for example, master data, capital measures, general meetings, earnings, distributions, dividends, stock exchange/interest/redemption and cancellation data, categorisation information as well as data on issuers.

Also with a research service on request

For our data service, we make use of data that we collect as a central financial service provider. Our experienced research team also collects further robust data on request, which we compile individually according to specific requirements and thus noticeably reduce your internal research effort and expense.

Your transfer requirements are also important: we can deliver the data in a variety of ways - from emails to online applications, and FTP to interfaces. Taking your mapping rules into consideration, the data package can be input into your system without any further manipulation. We also consider your requirements when determining how frequently the data is delivered. Registered users can also retrieve up-to-date master and event data on financial instruments on at any time.

First-hand master and event data

With master and event data on more than two million domestic and international financial instruments, the OeKB represents the biggest pool of financial data in Austria. Each Austrian security is specified by 500 information fields. 800 information fields are available for international titles. We research the data carefully and check them in a standardised quality-assurance process for topicality and correctness.

Your benefits

You get quality-assured data from our team of experts.

We compile the data to suit your requirements and save you a great deal of internal research efforts.

The OeKB is an experienced, independent supplier due to its special role in the capital market.

Costs, terms of use and registration

You only pay for what you really need, because the price is based on the number of fields obtained and the desired data records, as well as on the use of the data. So it matters whether you are an end customer or a vendor and how you receive or request the data.

You can access the service via Please also note the terms of use for master and schedule data (WDBO Online).

Registration for master and schedule data (WDBO Online)


Contact us. We would be happy to advise you and will prepare a tailor-made offer for you on request.
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