Digitization is progressing relentlessly. The project "Beautiful Digital World" explores the framework conditions for a sustainable digitization. 20 well-known authors from various fields have critically highlighted the topic in essays.

The age of digitization

The topic of digitization is of relevance to the OeKB Group in many respects. As companies that promote Austria as a business location, the effects of digitization affect us both ways: regarding our own business models and those of our clients. Out of our social responsibility, we look at the effects that this megatrend creates on society as a whole.

Together with the Club of Rome – Austrian Chapter and SERI we have therefore launched the project "Beautiful Digital World". The aim of the project is to shed light on a broad spectrum of economic and social implications of digitization and to make new aspects visible.

This is based on compact essays by a diverse group of experts. The content spectrum is broad and covers a whole range of topics, such as foreign trade, labor market, infrastructure, medicine, education, blockchain or craft. Renowned authors such as Brigitte Ederer, Hannes Svoboda or Peter Weibel show how complex the topic of digitization is. Find out on the project website which challenges, and especially opportunities, the "Beautiful Digital World" offers.


Die Veranstaltung „Schöne Digitale Welt - Chancen und Risiken für die nächste Gesellschaft“ bildet den Abschluss des Projekts. Die Teilnahme ist frei.

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Bitte um verbindliche Anmeldung bis 26. Februar 2018


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