Investor Relations

OKB issues 5 year USD Global Bond with a volume of USD 1bn

On October 30, 2018 OKB successfully issued a USD Global Bond with a volume of USD 1bn. The 5 year bond was priced at a spread of 8bp over MidSwaps.

OECD country category changed for Nicaragua

The country category for Nicaragua has been changed.

Credit and Investment Insurers continue to pay high claims

Currency and debt crises in Venezuela and Turkey contribute to high levels of defaults. Stable levels of new business and strong recoveries show industry is resilient.
Country Report Bangladesh

The crowd as an opportunity

Bangladesh. The country on the Ganges Delta offers more than cheap textiles. More and more companies from Austria want to use the business opportunities in the 160-million-inhabitant market.
government bond auctions

Start of blockchain application for government bond auctions

Today for the first time ever Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) is going live with a blockchain technology based application. The new technology is used for data notarization for reports from today's government bond auction onwards.
Investor Relations

OKB issues a 3 year USD 1.5 bn Global Benchmark

OKB successfully issued a USD Global Bond with a volume of USD 1.5 bn on August 29.
Investor Relations

OKB taps the GBP 250 mn Bond due December 2022 with GBP 100 mn

OKB tapped its GBP 250 mn bond issue with a further volume of GBP 100 mn on August 22, 2018, bringing the total size to GBP 350 mn.
Capital Market Services

OeKB CSD granted licence as CSD according to EU regulation

OeKB CSD was granted the licence as CSD and the licence for the provision of banking-type ancillary services according to EU Regulation ((EU) No. 909/2014 (("CSDR")) on 01.08.2018 by the Financial Market Authority (FMA).
Country Report Malaysia

The Asian model country

Malaysia. With its mixture of peoples, it is considered an Asian microcosm – and exemplary with regard to stability, infrastructure and education. But can it hold this position?

OECD country category changed

The country category for Belarus, Croatia, Iran and Oman has been changed.
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