Capital Market Services

OeKB CSD granted licence as CSD according to EU regulation

OeKB CSD was granted the licence as CSD and the licence for the provision of banking-type ancillary services according to EU Regulation ((EU) No. 909/2014 (("CSDR")) on 01.08.2018 by the Financial Market Authority (FMA).
Country Report Malaysia

The Asian model country

Malaysia. With its mixture of peoples, it is considered an Asian microcosm – and exemplary with regard to stability, infrastructure and education. But can it hold this position?
Austrian Government Bonds

RAGB reserve auction date on 7 August 2018 not used

RAGB reserve auction date on 7 August 2018 not used

OECD country category changed

The country category for Belarus, Croatia, Iran and Oman has been changed.
Investor Relations

Strong demand for latest OeKB-Sterling bond from institutional investors

On 28th June 2018 OKB issued a 4.5-year GBP bond with a volume of GBP 250 Mio. The coupon is 1.125% at a spread over Gilt of +38bp.

Europe's Future: Interview with Ivan Krastev

The Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev visited OeKB as part of the roundtable discussions. Krastev is known for his thoughts on the unification, crisis and future of Europe and spoke in Vienna about this topic.
Issues of the future

Specialization and Diversification –
what companies can learn from science

Discuss with us on August 29th at the Economic Symposium in Alpbach, which role specialization and diversification play for achieving top performance.
Investor Relations

OKB issues its first HUF Transaction

On May 30, 2018 OKB issued its first HUF (Hungarian Forint) transaction. The volume is HUF 16 billion (approx. EUR 50 million), the bond has a 6 year maturity and is due June 8, 2024.
Export Days 2018

Meet OeKB at export events throughout Austria

Inform yourself at WKO events all over Austria about current topics and trends in the export sector. The OeKB Group is also on site – in Klagenfurt, Innsbruck, Graz and Vienna.
Investor Relations

OeKB taps its Australian Dollar Bond

On May 15, 2018 OKB tapped its outstanding AUD-Bond („Kangaroo“) due November 2028 with a volume of AUD 30 million.
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