On the weekend of 26/27 February, OeKB will change its payment transaction system.

You can find important information in the form of questions and answers here.

What will change for me in my payment transactions with OeKB?

Nothing, as long as you are a pure correspondent bank partner via SWIFT. In the area of SEPA payment processing, we are switching to a modern pacs.002 Status Notification to replace the data carrier slip. We have already informed the banks affected by this.

Will OeKB change its transmission channels?

No, the transmission channels will remain as they are.

Will my/our account information or contact persons change?

No, "only" our technical system will be renewed. The account management system and its account information are not affected by the changes. Your contact persons will also remain the same.

Will there be any effects on account reconciliation, account statements or access to the Service Account Information?

No, the account reconciliation and display systems are also not affected.


If you have any questions about the changeover, please feel free to contact us:

the Payments Group: payments@oekb.at or the account management group: account.info@oekb.at


You can reach us by telephone as usual at +43 1 53127 2220.