Strong Demand for OeKB’s recent three-year USD Global Benchmark despite volatile market backdrop.

- Substantial participation by international Central Banks and official institutions
- Final orderbook included 56 investors from 19 countries
Berne Union

Credit insurance industry is facing major challenges

Stabilised trade and new investment in energy transition have helped generate real growth for export credit, but multiplying risks now threaten the fragile pandemic recovery.
Sustainable Finance

OeKB Sustainable Financing Framework expanded by two new categories

In March 2022 our Sustainable Financing Framework was successfully updated to reflect the longstanding commitment to sustainable development in Austria and internationally.
Export Services

OECD country categories changed

OECD country categories for Belarus and Russia have been changed.

S&P Global Ratings revises OeKB´s Outlook from stable to positive

OeKB's rating was raised to outlook "positive".
Export Services

Cover for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus suspended with immediate effect

OeKB and BMF are reacting to the current developments in Ukraine and suspend cover for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with immediate effect.
Account Information

Changeover of the OeKB payment transaction system

On the weekend of 26/27 February, OeKB will change its payment transaction system.
Export Services

OECD country categories changed

OECD country categories for Azerbaijan and Oman have been changed.