The Reitersaal can be rented for whole or half days. Three different windows of time are available for half-day rentals. The Reitersaal can be rented at the standard rate, or, if you would like to host a climate-neutral event, there is a small supplement.

Reitersaal Price List

Time Standard rate Climate-neutral basic rate
Half-days or evenings, including technical systems
(without staff) 
  • 8:00–13:00 hours
  • 12:00–17:00 hours
  • or 16:00–22:00 hours
€1,000 €1,025 + CO2 compensation
Full day, including technical systems (without staff)   
  • 8:00–22:00 hours
€1,900 €1,925 + CO2 compensation

All prices are in euros and excluding VAT.

Supplement for the world’s climate

The base rate for climate-neutral rental of the Reitersaal is €25 more than the standard rate. This supplement includes the expense of calculating emissions.

In addition to the flat rate, we calculate the costs for CO2 emissions that are generated during the event. These costs are usually about €15 per ton of CO2 which is then invested in certified climate protection projects.

The estimated consumption for an event with guests from Vienna is about 1 ton of CO2, while consumption for an event with international guests can cause up to 3 tons of CO2.

Important information

  • The Reitersaal is available for your events, including set-up and break-down during the indicated time period.
  • If the event runs over the time period for half-days or evenings, a full-day price is charged.
  • The hall is not rented out over weekends.

You can find more information in our Terms of Use.

On-site technicians

If desired, we can provide technicians during the event. The cost for this is charged per hour.

Time period Price (in euros, excl. VAT)
09:00 – 18:00 hours € 60 per hour
18:00 – 22:00 hours € 80 per hour


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