The companies in the OeKB Group provide central infrastructure services for Austria’s export economy and for the capital market. We process these business transactions efficiently in our many online systems and provide you with simple and convenient access to our services – combined in the OeKB Service Platform (my.oekb and Login Portal).

You will have access to various online services and useful functions with the OeKB Service Platform.

Single sign-on

Many online services with just one login

Central data journal

View all company reports and activities

Task list

Keep an overview of open and completed tasks

Email service

Reminders for open tasks or missing documentation

Account information

Look at online account balances and revenues

User administration

Set up user accounts and conveniently manage authorisations online
Online Service Information Organisation token mandatory
Account Information Open online account data
more about account management
ADAS (Austrian Direct Auction System) Participate in government bond auctions (only for authorised auction participants)
more about government bond auctions
OeKB yes
Asset Servicing Client Info about Asset Servicing Client OeKB CSD yes
EFS Reporting Info about EFS Reporting (Export Financing Scheme) OeKB no
Exportfonds Credit Online Online Application for
Exportfonds Credit
OeKB yes
Fund Data Portal

Exchange of FundsXML data

Info about FundsXML

OeKB no
Funds Upload Client Transmit fund data
Info about fund
OeKB no
ISIN Services Info about ISIN allocation OeKB no
My OeKB CSD Info about My OeKB CSD OeKB CSD no
OAM Issuer Info Upload Notifications of listed issuers
more about OAM Issuer Info Upload
OeKB no
OeKB Loan Pricer Info about OeKB Loan Pricer OeKB yes
Online Export Financing (OLEF) Info about Export Financing OeKB yes
Online Export Guarantees Info about Export Guarantees OeKB no
Online Notification Office Info about filing fund documents 
Info about notifications for the new-issue calendar
OeKB no
Settlement Client Info about Settlement Client OeKB CSD yes

What does ‘token mandatory’ mean?

You must register with a two-factor identification in the login portal for the token mandatory services. This means that, in addition to your user name and password, you need an RSA Key Fob Token or an SMS Token in order to log in.

RSA Key Fob Token

You will receive an RSA Key Fob (a small device) and a PIN from us. When authenticating, enter your user name, your password, your PIN and the number combination from the RSA Key Fob, which changes every 60 seconds.

SMS Token

Give us your mobile telephone number. To authenticate, enter your user name, your password and your PIN in the portal login and you will receive a number combination (the token) per SMS on your mobile phone which you can then use to complete your registration process.

How to get online access

Are you an OeKB business partner but haven’t yet accessed our online services? Register once and benefit from the many advantages.

  1. Download the registration form and fill it out.
  2. Print the completed form, sign it and send it per post to our IT Service Centre.
  3. After we have reviewed your documents, you will promptly receive a reply from us.

Note: Registration for my.oekb is only possible from 30 November 2020.

Register now

Please fill out the registration form and sign it and send it to us per post.

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft
Strauchgasse 3
1010 Vienna

Note: Registration for my.oekb is only possible from 30 November 2020.

Can we help?

Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you.

IT Service Centre
T +43 1 53127-1111
F +43 1 53127-4111