You must have one or more OeKB accounts for your business with OeKB. Your account balances and revenues in real time can be called up at any time with the online account information service.

Here’s how easy it is to open an OeKB account

You will need different accounts depending on what your business relationship with the OeKB is. An OeKB account is relatively easy to open using our application form.

  1. Download the registration form and fill it out.
  2. Print the completed form, sign it and send it with all other necessary forms by post to our IT Service Centre Account Information.
  3. After we have reviewed your documents, in normally takes ten working days to set up an account for you and then we will send you the information by post.

We would be happy to help you

You may also send the documents to open an account to the Account Information Service Centre per email. We will then review your application for completeness and correctness before you mail it to us by post.

As soon as we have received your documents by post, we will review them and then send you a letter with all of the relevant account information, including the interest and fee conditions by post. New customers will receive this information as registered mail.

Important information & documents

Please note the following important information and documents when opening an account or with account related activities:

Open an account now

Please fill out the registration form and sign it and send it to us by post.

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft
Strauchgasse 3
1010 Vienna

Can we help?

Please contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to help you.

Account Information Service Centre
T +43 1 53127-2220
F +43 1 53127-4220

We would be glad to assist you.

Account Information Service Centre

Account Information Service Centre
T +43 1 53127-2220
F +43 1 53127-4220
Account management for the following OeKB services
  • Export financing
  • Energy Market Services

With our online Account Information service, you can easily and securely you’re your account balance and revenue in real time for your OeKB account at any time. This service is free.

Access can be requested at the same time that you open an account. Naturally, you can also request access if you have already opened an OeKB account.

The Account Information provides information for the following OeKB Group services:

  • Export Services/Financing
  • Energy Market Services
  • Capital Market Services
  • Services of OeKB CSD GmbH

Access to the secure OeKB portal login

To use the online Account Information service, you have logged in through the OeKB portal login. If you have not yet received authorisation for this, please register in the portal login before you apply for the online Account Information service.

Registration for portal login

Here’s how to get access to the online Account Information service

You can have the Account Information service released in your portal login by simply filling out, printing and mailing by post a short application form to the Account Information Service Centre.

Cut-off times for payment orders to OeKB

Processing transfer orders through OeKB accounts must comply with certain deadlines (cut-off times). This means that payment orders may only be processed on the day if they are submitted on time. Any orders submitted after the cut-off time will be processed the following work day.

The most important deadlines

  • by 16:15 for payment orders from non-banks (STP-enabled orders by 16:45)
  • by 16:45 for payment orders from banks (STP-enabled orders by 16:55)

SEPA direct debits, depending on cut-off times of the correspondent bank, must be at OeKB AG before the due date (by 10) on banking days.