Discuss with us on August 29th at the Economic Symposium in Alpbach, which role specialization and diversification play in achieving top performance.

OeKB Breakout Session Alpbach 2018

An impression of the Forum 2017 - here the opening of the technology talks

OeKB considers the general topic of diversity and resilience from the company's perspective at the Alpbach economic talks.

  • How can companies stay successful and competitive in a rapidly changing world?
  • What role do specialization and diversification play?
  • How can internationalization contribute to the resilience of companies?
  • What findings from the natural sciences help on the way to excellence?

The focus

We will organise the breakout session in an interdisciplinary manner, as this is also an important aspect of diversity: Firstly, the question is whether it is possible to draw conclusions for entrepreneurial action from the findings of the natural sciences. On the other hand, it is also a question of shedding light on different aspects of diversity in the entrepreneurial context – from the diversification of one's own business fields to the diversification of target markets: What are success factors, to what extent must one specialize and to what extent does diversity add entrepreneurial value?

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Science meets business

The aspects of diversity and specialization are – based on the keynote of a renowned human geneticist – will be developed together with the audience. The experiences of two leading Austrian companies and the perspective of the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank as a special bank will be introduced as concrete case studies.

The discussion

The main part of the session is dedicated to discussion with the audience. Success and risk factors will be worked out together with the speakers of the podium: How much diversity or specialization are conducive to the resilience of a company? What are the dangers of too much or too little of both? Where is the turning point?

The different points of view and experiences, which the audience will undoubtedly bring in, will therefore shape the discourse. In the end we aim for a common conclusion with lessons learned, correspondences and contradictions.

The breakout session will take place on Wednesday, August 29, 2018, as part of the business talks at the European Forum Alpbach.

The program


Markus Hengstschläger, Head of the Institute of Medical Genetics at the Medical University of Vienna: "Specialization, Generalization, Diversity – Different Paths to Excellence?" What companies can learn from the insights of genetics

Case Studies

Ulrike Klemm-Pöttinger, Executive Vice President of Finance Kapsch TrafficCom AG
Barbara Potisk-Eibensteiner, CFO Heinzel Holding GmbH
Helmut Bernkopf, Member of the Executive Board of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
Moderation:  Martina Salomon, courier