The Notification Office under the Capital Markets Act (KMG), receives documents for storage and safekeeping and in return is required to provide information in accordance with Sec. 23 para. 2 KMG 2019. To this end, we use various platforms in order to meet individual customer requirements, but are also happy to make contact with you in person. By safekeeping the documents, the Notification Office also contributes to the preservation of evidence of capital market-relevant information.

Our service: rapid information

You are an investor, data provider or official representative and need, for example, information on stored prospectuses and supplements, insurance confirmations and key investor information documents.

The Notification Office keeps deposited documents for at least 15 years, as provided for in the Capital Markets Act. However, older documents could continue to be stored at and requested from the Notification Office.

Having sent your request by email to, you will receive copies and information from the Notification Office within a maximum of five working days.

Approved and notified prospectuses and supplements

In addition to chargeable copies of approved and notified prospectuses and supplements pursuant to KMG and BörseG, you can obtain free information from the Notification Office about whether a requested document has been filed and in order to comply with provisions relating to publication: date of publication and publication body, collection point, approval of the FMA or certificates of approval.

You can obtain from the FMA a list of the prospectuses and supplements approved by the FMA and notified to the FMA.

Approved and notified prospectuses of the FMA

All prospectus documents (i.e. prospectuses, supplements, registration documents and their amendmends) to be published by the FMA pursuant to the PR (EU) 2017/1129 after 20 July 2019 and sent to the Notification Office for this purpose are provided by Notification Office.

Prospectus Documentation

Audited investment prospectuses and supplements

You can download the current list of the deposited and kept investment prospectuses and supplements here:

Deposited investment documents

  • The documents in this list have been sent to OeKB in its capacity as Notification Office under the Capital Markets Act.
  • The OeKB does not offer a respective investment either in its own name or on behalf of others and is not involved in the marketing and sale of the investments. It is not liable for the content, completeness, comprehensibility or other properties of the documents.
  • This presentation of documents is not deemed to be publication in the sense of the provisions of the Capital Markets Act (Sec. 8 para. 3 KMG 2019).
  • Their provision does not give any information about the legality of the storage of these documents, their signature or about the publicity data of the respective document (no answering of inquiries pursuant to Sec. 23 para. 2 KMG).
  • In addition, further documents can be deposited at the Notification Office.

Insurance confirmations

The Notification Office can provide you with information about any insurance of prospectus auditors for the auditing of investment prospectuses and supplements pursuant to Sec. 7 para. 1 KMG. On request, and in addition to all free information, you will also receive a copy of the document for which we charge a fee.


Other documents according to the KMG

The Notification Office also provides information and creates copies of the following deposited documents:

  • Separate documents pursuant to Sec. 21 para. 3 AIFMG
  • Communication about the prohibited use of prospectuses pursuant to Sec. 22 para. 1 KMG 2019

Investment fund documents

We provide information about and create copies of the following documents deposited with the Notification Office for investment funds and real estate investment funds (public funds, no special funds):

  • Prospectuses and their fund terms
  • Key investor information documents (KIIDs) or simplified prospectuses
  • Documents pursuant to Sec. 21 para. 1 AIFMG
  • Annual reports, semi-annual reports and audit reports
  • Settlement and spin-off notices pursuant to Sec. 63 and Sec. 65 InvFG

Copies and downloads of investment fund documents

You can also inspect the current documents and those deposited in the past 365 days on the “Prospectus and KIID” website free of charge, and also download some of them depending on whether this has been mandated by the investment company.

Prospectus and KIID website

If the desired information is not available online or you are looking for historical information, we would be pleased to prepare a copy for you on request in the Notification Office for which we will charge a fee.

We provide free information about whether a document has been deposited and in order to comply with provisions relating to publication. This includes the date of publication and publication body, collection point and the existence of the required signatures and addenda.

Amendments to fund terms

Amendments to fund terms of investment funds or real estate investment funds are available to download on OAM Issuer Info.

OAM Issuer Info

Financial reports of Austrian listed issuers

You can download annual financial reports, half-yearly reports and quarterly reports of companies listed in Austria on OAM Issuer Info.

OAM Issuer Info

The costs: Lots of information to download free of charge

We provide many of our information services free of charge on various platforms and by email. For copies of deposited documents, we have to charge for the effort involved.

We send prospectus copies as a PDF by email. For this we charge the following fee:

Electronic copies as PDF

€ 20 per document

Our prices do not include VAT.

Your way to information about or copies of deposited documents

Please send a specific inquiry to Your request must clearly indicate the document or security, the fund or the investment for the desired document. Clear information includes, for example, issuer, ISIN, legal nature of the security or investment, timings of the offer or document.

Legal principles

Any more questions?

If you would like information, copies or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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