OeKB is 100% privately owned by commercial banks located in Austria that possess a different number of shares. The equity capital of Oesterreichischen Kontrollbank AG is 130 million euros.

Shareholders and Equity Capital

Thanks to its specialized business sectors, OeKB fulfils a very special function in the national economy. As a result, the shares of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) are registered shares with restricted transferability that are not listed on the Vienna stock exchange.

Distribution of Shares within the Equity Capital

Shareholders Number of Shares  Shares in %
CABET-Holding-GmbH, Vienna  
(UniCredit Bank Austria Group)
217,800 24.750
UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Wien  142,032 16.140
Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG, Vienna 113,432 12.890
Schoellerbank Aktiengesellschaft, Vienna 72,688 8.260
AVZ GmbH, Vienna 72,600 8.250
Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Vienna 71,456 8.120
P.S.K. Beteiligungsverwaltung GmbH, Vienna 44,792 5.090
Raiffeisen OeKB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Vienna 44,000 5.000
Oberbank AG, Linz  34,224 3.890
Beteiligungsholding 5000 GmbH, Innsbruck  26,888 3.055
BKS Bank AG, Klagenfurt   26,888 3.055
Volksbank Wien AG, Vienna  13,200 1.500
Total 880,000 100