Our many services are diverse, but they have something in common: They help drive the success of our customers and contribute to sustainable development in the economic and social spheres.

Partner for sustainable success

With our five major business areas and our subsidiaries and holdings, we provide a wide range of services that enable companies and people to succeed: We sharpen our customers’ competitive edge, support economic growth and enhance Austria’s position as a business location. As a strong partner to the business sector, we ensure a balance between economic success and social benefit and also prioritise environmental sustainability. 

Both our tagline and our vision and mission statements demonstrate that we give equal and central importance to our customers, partners and employees.
These statements also highlight our role as an experienced and reliable business facilitator embracing our responsibility for the economy, environment and society with an eye to the future. 

Let's make it possible.
Our Tagline
As a strong partner to the business world, we empower companies and people to succeed. Together, we build a future that is good to live in – for generations to come.
Our Vision

Our mission statements

Our work is meaningful

What we do makes a valuable contribution to economic and social development.

Our customers lead

Responsive to global developments and the needs of our customers, we optimise our products to make our clients more competitive. 

Our results are sustainable

We ensure a balance between economic success and social good while also being mindful of environmental sustainability.

Our goals are achieved by working together

With expert knowledge, long experience and proven reliability, we work as a team and have the future in mind.