As a company of particular economic importance, we take our responsibility towards our stakeholders very seriously. Therefore, we are guided by the rules of the "Austrian Working Group for Corporate Governance". Deviations from the Code mainly result from the fact that the OeKB Group is not listed on the stock exchange and some recommendations are therefore not feasible.

Transparency as a special imperative

Transparency is inseparably linked to the principles of contemporary, responsible company management. Find more information in our yearly company reports.

Code of Conduct

The success of the OeKB Group is based to a large extent on our high reputation and the trust that our institute enjoys among stakeholders and the public. The management board, managers and employees therefore always act reliably, law-abiding and carefully out of conviction and feel obliged to the Code of Conduct as a clear set of rules.

The Code of Conduct not only expresses our own expectations for ourselves, but also our expectations of others. We thus forego any business that goes against the principles of the Code of Conduct and hope that our stakeholders conduct their business dealings according to comparable rules.

In the event of a breach of the rules and regulations contained in the Code of Conduct, every employee must expect disciplinary and/or legal consequences - irrespective of possible legal sanctions and further legal consequences.

General Terms of Purchase

The General Terms of Purchase for the Oesterreichischen Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft apply to all orders that are given to suppliers by the OeKB AG for the supply of goods, work or services.

Disclosure Report

We increase transparency for market participants with our Disclosure Report. In it, we disclose information regarding our capital base and any risks we have takenand use this to supplement our financial report. The basis for our disclosure is EU Regulation No. 575/2013 Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR).