OeKB as Notification Office in accordance with Sec. 23 Austrian Capital Markets Act 2019, is to be notified of all securities or investments as early as possible. These notifications to the new-issue calendar pursuant to Sec. 24 Capital Markets Act 2019 have to be made before they are offered in Austria for the first time. Public and non-public offers are subject to the notification obligation.

OeKB Online Notification Office

Your situation

You represent a bank, insurer, a company or an issuer, and are an offerer of securities or investments. You are therefore obliged, pursuant to Sec. 24 Capital Markets Act (KMG), to notify your planned issues to the new-issue calendar as early as possible.

Within the scope of the notification to the new-issue calendar, information on the prospectus must be sent to the Notification Office pursuant to the KMG at the OeKB or information on exemptions from the prospectus obligation.

Further offers of the same securities or investments do not have to be notified.

The Capital Markets Act (KMG)

You can find the complete text of the Capital Markets Act in the legal information system of the Federal Chancellery (RIS).

Capital Markets Act

Our service:
Safe notification via the Online Notification Office

Following a one-time registration, notifications to the new-issue calendar can be done in three ways via the Online Notification Office:

  • Single notification via an input screen.
  • Bulk notification by uploading an Excel notification form.
  • Notification to the Online Notification Office via the OeKB XML interface.

OeKB Online Notification Office

Registration for notifications to the new-issue calendar

Manual for the notification to the new-issue calendar

Notification form (Excel)

Description of the notification fields

Simultaneous notification of numerous issues via XML interface

If you have to notify a large number of issues, use of the OeKB XML interface may be of interest because it enables a fully automated and time-saving sending of notifications to the new-issue calendar. This minimises your efforts. The technical specification of the OeKB XML interface and the corresponding XSDs can be found at the following link:

XSDs and documentation of the OeKB XML interface

Further details can be found in the interface description and description of the XSD notification fields.

Technical specification of the OeKB XML interface

Description of the XSD notification fields

Tip: ISIN can also be applied for via the same interface. You therefore have just one single implementation cost.

Your advantages:


You can comply with your notification obligation in a way that suits you.


You can issue fully automatic notifications via the OeKB XML interface and, in doing so, minimise your efforts.


You can apply for ISIN over the same XML interface and therefore only have to implement the system once.

The fee

Issues per issuer
per calendar year
Fee excl. VAT
per issue
1st to 500th  € 150
501st to 1000th € 75
1001st to 2000th € 37.50
from 2001st € 0

All of an issuer’s issues notified within one calendar year (1 January to 31 December) to the new-issue calendar, pursuant to the KMG, are used as the basis for calculating this tiering.
For notifications that are not sent via the online notification office, a fixed fee in the amount of €200 excl. VAT per issue will be collected. This includes an additional processing fee in the amount of €50. The tiering is omitted.


If you require further information, advice or technical support, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Notification Office Service Centre
T +43 1 53127-2429
Mon - Thu: 09:00 a.m. - 04:00 p.m.
Fri: 09:00 a.m. - 03:00 p.m.

Notified issues and Prospectus documentation free of charge

Notified issues and prospectus documents to be published by the FMA pursuant to the PR (EU) 2017/1129 after 20 July 2019 and sent to the Notification Office for this purpose free of charge are provided through the Online Notification Office.
To the new-issue calendar and prospectus documentation