As the Notification Office under the Capital Markets Act, OeKB determines the income tax treatment of funds on the basis of the tax-relevant data reported to it for the precise billing of capital gains tax and publishes data on my.oekb.

Free provision of information

Tax is deducted at the deposit-holding banks on the basis of the income tax treatment. The income tax treatment of funds is calculated by the OeKB Notification Office on the basis of the determination guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Finance. You can find out about the income tax treatment of funds free of charge on my.oekb.

In addition to the free retrieval of the tax data, you can also receive this tax data as an electronic data delivery, which can be automatically loaded into your system. For an offer and transmission details, please contact the Funds Service Centre.

List of all reporting funds

In my.oekb you will find the tax data as well as a list of all capital gains tax reporting funds in Austria and a list of those funds that have lost their status as capital gains tax reporting funds (former capital gains tax reporting funds).
Reporting funds are those funds that have issued a timely annual notification or a declaration of intent pursuant to the Fund Reporting Regulation 2015.

Legal principles

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