Diversity and inclusion are important success factors. They enable us to overcome borders, strengthen our social skills and use new potential for creativity and innovation. We benefit from an expanded variety of perspectives, which inspires us and strengthens us in working together for our clients.

Diversity and Inclusion

We understand diversity to mean the similarities and differences that we encounter at OeKB Group and in cooperation with our customers and other stakeholders. We deal openly with our diversity and regard it as potential. We see people as individuals whose different perspectives, achievements and experiences we recognize and value.

Inclusion aims to ensure that all people in a society can live alongside and with one another on an equal footing. Regardless of age, skin color, disability, religion, gender, sexual orientation or origin, everyone should have equal opportunities.

We contribute to equal opportunities and accessibility in our society. We strive to offer all employees the same opportunities to make their individual contribution to the company's goals and to develop their potential. In all of our teams and in cooperation with our stakeholders, we are committed to acceptance and tolerance. These values guide us: responsibility, passion, respect, curiosity and trust.

We live a corporate culture of equality in which everyone has the right to be who they are and everyone is respected just as they are. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. We appreciate our differences and peculiarities as people. This has a positive effect on trust, loyalty and team spirit in our teams and we are becoming more creative, innovative and resilient.

Social responsibility and competitive advantage

Diversity and inclusion are important to us because of our social responsibility. We regard it as essential to create a corporate culture in which all people feel recognized and treated fairly.

Studies show that diversity and inclusion result in increased employee satisfaction, more loyalty and innovation through variety and increased commitment. Therefore, they also bring an economic benefit for the OeKB Group, for our customers and our partners. 

Gender equality

Gender equality has been important to us for a long time. We regard it as crucial for resilience and sustainable economic success.

So it goes without saying that we make our personnel decisions exclusively on the basis of social and professional qualifications and skills. Our remuneration policy is based on strict gender equality, with the same payment for the same performance.

We strive for a gender balanced composition of the Executive and Supervisory Boards in the OeKB bank group. Moreover we actively participate in initiatives such as the UN Global Compact's Target Gender Equality to continually improve in this area.

To promote future managers, we have launched talent programs with a 50 percent share of women and support the appointment of women as project managers.

Work-life balance

Participation in initiatives such as the "workandfamily" audit as well as targeted measures for the compatibility of work and private life are an essential part of our activities to promote women.

We allow remote work, flexitime with no core hours, educational leave, sabbaticals, part-time paternal leave for fathers and mothers and have an onboarding programme after longer absences. For young parents, we offer childcare vouchers for daycare and kindergarten places.

Acknowledged promotion of women

For our impactful measures for the sustainable advancement of women within OeKB Group, we have been awarded the quality seal equalitA by the Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs.