OeKB simplifies the exchange of information on fund measures. In addition to the mandatory spin-off and liquidation notices, you can report all fund measures under Sec. 133 Investment Fund Act and Sec. 34 Real Estate Investment Fund Act simply and securely.

Our service: Simple and secure reporting of fund measures

You are the person responsible at an investment company and want to inform your customers about fund measures under Sec. 133 Investment Fund Act and Sec. 34 Real Estate Investment Fund Act in the best way possible, or need to report spin-off and liquidation notices under Sec. 63 and Sec. 65 Investment Fund Act resp. liquidation notices under Sec. 17 RealEstate Investment Fund Act to the Notification Office under the Capital Markets Act.

We offer you professional solutions for both situations.

  • You can report fund measures via the Fund Upload Client. We forward the measures to the depository bank of the fund as well as to the relevant CSD account holders.
  • You must submit liquidation and spin-off notices under the Investment Fund Act (InvFG) by email to taxdata@oekb.at.

Notice under Sec. 63 and Sec. 65 InvFG

Notice under Sec. 17 ImmoInvFG

Notifications via the Fund Upload Client

You can send information and documents on fund measures via the Fund Upload Client, which you also use for the reporting of tax data.

You can find more information here:

Brief description of the Fund Upload Client

Terms of use for the reporting of fund measures

To use the online service, you must register for it just once. 

Registration for the reporting of fund measures

Forwarding by SWIFT/email

OeKB CSD GmbH forwards the fund measures you report to depository banks and the OeKB CSD GmbH deposit holders by means of SWIFT transfer (MT564).

Description of the SWIFT transfer

Featured on my.oekb

We make all transferred information available free of charge via the freely accessible OAM Issuer Info on my.oekb. Investors and other interested parties can also be automatically informed about certain notifications via an email subscription.

The costs

Liquidation and spin-off notices                                                                                                                                 free of charge


Fund measures in the Fund Upload Client

Basic fee 
(for service, operation and infrastructure – per investment company and per year)

1,213 Euro
(notification per upload/data transfer)
121 Euro

You can find more detailed information in this document:

Prices for the reporting of fund measures

Legal principles

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