Projects classified as Category A in the assessment procedure for environmental and social standards, conducted in accordance with the OECD “Common Approaches”, may have significant impacts on the environment and society. Below you can find the list of Category A projects which may receive an officially supported export guarantee. This list has to be published at least 30 days before final commitment.

Projects in 2018




From Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany

Project description

Construction of an offshore natural gas transmission system comprising of two 48" diameter pipelines from Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany

Basis for classification

Relevant environmental information from the project company, the environmental experts and site visits


Relevant local and international standards

Available information (i.e. ESIA, project website)

Nord Stream2
Kurgalsky Nord Stream 2


Category A projects for which a state guarantee has been assumed can be found here:

Brief presentation of the Austrian environmental and social assessment procedure

Our information sheet contains all relevant information on the environmental and social assessment procedure as it corresponds to the OECD “Common Approaches” and the Austrian provisions for the Sustainability Policy of the Export Promotion Procedure.