The Exportfonds credit offers attractive revolving working capital loans exclusively to SMEs tailored to the needs of their export transactions. Up to 30% of your company's last year’s export turnover determines the credit limit. Tourism businesses can receive financing up to a maximum of 14% of their annual export turnover.

Factsheet Exportfonds Credit Line

Learn in our short video how we can help you with our working capital loan (Exportfonds credit) with your export projects (only in German).

Your situation

You are small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) and export goods and/or services. Your business meets the EU definition of a SME:

  • fewer than 250 employees (full-time, excluding trainees) and
  • an annual turnover not exceeding 50 million euros, or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding 43 million euros 
  • not more than 25% of the shares owned by a large company

You want a flexible working capital loan with long-term low interest rates to finance your export activities. You are looking for a risk partner to increase your financial leeway at your bank.

Our service: Financing with the Exportfonds credit

As your bank’s partner, OeKB offers working capital loans of up to 30% of the annual export turnover. To make use of the credit, you have to have appropriate export orders and/or export receivables.

The export turnover refers to:

  • Your goods deliveries abroad
  • Your services for foreign customers such as engineering, IT, architectural and planning services, and others
  • Services for foreign tourists, incoming tourism (hotels, travel agencies, and others)

OeKB sets the interest rate (KRR) on a quarterly basis.

Focus on domestic value added

Depending on the Austrian value added and your creditworthiness, the Republic of Austria can bear up to 80% of your bank’s credit risk.

The prerequisite for the Exportfonds credit that covers part of the corporate risk is an Austrian value added of at least 25%. In particular, this takes into account gross profit to turnover ratio and the number of employees. Raw materials and basic materials that are neither extracted nor produced domestically are not included in the foreign content.

If the foreign content amounts to 75% or more, it is still possible to receive attractive funding with an Exportfonds credit. However, the credit risk will remain with your bank.

If you use several financing products via OeKB, double funding must be excluded. Our customer advisors will be happy to provide you with details and work with you to find the best solution:, +43 1 53127-2600.

Your benefits

Low interest rates. OeKB charges no commitment fee.

The revolving Exportfonds credit can last for several years and be used flexibly.

The Exportfonds credit functions as a sustainable liquidity reserve.

We process your Exportfonds credit with your bank quickly and unbureaucratically.

The costs

Guarantee by aval fee 0.3% p.a. of the amount used, provided that the bank bears your insolvency risk
0.4 % p.a. of the amount used, provided that the Republic of Austria bears your insolvency risk
Handling fee one-off 0.1 % of the requested amount granted, min. 10 euros, max. 720 euros
Interest rate current interst rate (Kontrollbank Credit Line):

In addition to OeKB's costs, your bank may charge you additional costs. OeKB has no influence over your bank's costs.

How to get your Exportfonds credit

  1. Submit your request to your bank which will take care of the rest for you.
  2. We check the documents and present them to the advisory board.
  3. Following a positive evaluation by the advisory board, your bank receives the confirmation and gains access to the favourable financing funds.
  4. You will receive a bill of exchange from your bank, which you accept with your signature. This is guaranteed by the Federal Ministry of Finance. Then you can take advantage of your credit.

Any further questions?

If you require more detailed information or an individual consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Your bank as a partner

Ask your bank about the Exportfonds credit.