As an independent agency, OeKB collects and calculates the main data and ratios for all Austrian funds. We make this data accessible via my.oekb or electronic data deliveries.

Our service: Austrian fund data

As an invesmtent company, bank, auditor, data vendor or investor, you want to find out about performance and risk ratios, master data, categorisations, dividends and volumes of funds.

Thanks to its independent position, OeKB guarantees fair and comparable fund data. In doing so, we make a contribution to the transparency of the Austrian capital market.

Categorisation features

Pursuant to the stipulations of the Federation of Austrian Investment Companies (VÖIG), we record categorisation features for Austrian funds and make them available.

Fund prices, volumes and performance calculation

As an independent agency, we collect fund prices and information on volumes and carry out the performance calculation for investment companies.

Performance and risk ratios

For all Austrian funds we calculate the following performance and risk ratios:

  • Performance
  • Volatility
  • Sharpe ratio
  • Maximum drawdown

For details on the ratios and how they are calculated, please see the PDF “Investment fund ratio calculation”.

Investment fund ratio calculation (only in German)

Costs, terms of use and registration

The prices for OeKB Fund Data Plus can be found in the price list, which you can download as a PDF. Please also note the terms of use.

Registration for OeKB Fund Data Plus

Please fill in the registration form completely, sign it with your company's signature and return it by email to Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft, Capital Market Services / Funds. The form for deregistrationi is also available.

The quickest way to all the data

You can access all this information and data online at my.oekb or purchase everything as a digital data delivery.

Electronic data deliveries

You can also purchase a selection of data as electronic data files for straightforward addition to your systems. We offer this service for:

  • Master data and categorisation features
  • Dividends
  • Volumes
  • Performance ratios
  • Risk and earning ratios

Costs depending of the amount of data

You only pay for what you actually use because the price is based on the number of purchased fields and required data sets as well on how the data will be used. It therefore does not matter whether you are an end customer or a vendor.

Any more questions?

If you would like more information or an individual consultation on our range of data offerings, do not hesitate to contact us.
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