We make information on fund measures that investment companies report to the OeKB, available to the general public free of charge on OAM Issuer Info on our customer platform my.oekb. With a free email subscription, you will be notified as soon as we receive information that matches your search criteria.

Our service: Free provision of information on fund measures

As an investment company, bank, tax representative, data vendor, institutional investor or party with an interest in financial data, you want to find out about fund measures.

For example, you are looking for amendments to a fund’s terms and conditions, fund mergers, fund terminations or information about the transfer of administration.

Accessible online without registration

In OAM Issuer Info, you can retrieve information on all fund measures reported to OeKB free of charge and without registration. Flexible search options lead you quickly to the sought-after information. You can download or print out the documents.

If you would like these data to be integrated into your system, we can also send you the information about fund measures as individual data feeds. If you are interested in this, please send an email to kapitalmarktservices@oekb.at or call the Capital Market Service Centre on tel. +43 (0)1 53127-2000.

Always up to date with the free email subscription

You can also set up a free email subscription in OAM Issuer Info, which lets you specify your search criteria yourself. When information that meets your criteria arrives in OAM Issuer Info, you will be sent an email containing the direct link to the required document. In addition to information about fund measures, you can use this service for all information that OAM Issuer Info offers.

Notifications to depository banks with SWIFT

We inform depository banks by means of SWIFT message (MT564) and/or by email about the sent fund measures so that they can inform their deposit holders about the measures.

Legal principles

Any more questions?

If you would like more information or an individual consultation on our range of data offerings, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Retrieve fund measures online

You can retrieve fund measures free of charge in OAM Issuer Info.