A large export order with costly production can affect your liquidity. As your bank’s partner, OeKB supports you with attractive financing in the production phase. The G1 export guarantee forms the basis for the coverage of your export transactions, from production to the last payment.

Your situation

You are an Austrian company that has won a large export order. You are looking for a favourable credit to cover your liquidity needs for acquisitions and primary production costs.

Our service: Production financing with an export guarantee

As your bank’s partner, within the framework of the Export Financing Scheme (EFS) we can offer you attractive production financing which is especially beneficial for long production periods and for the production of special products.

This is based on the G1 guarantee for deliveries and services, which covers your export transactions from the production phase on. You can also cover your production risks in combination with a planned sale of receivables or a buyer credit, and finance your primary costs and acquisitions for production. With our combined products, you are optimally covered during the entire term of the contract and can benefit from continuous financing.

To find out more about what the G1 guarantee can do, either consult the "Supplier Credit" brochure or read the following sections on this page.

Your benefits

Preserve your liquidity even during longer production periods.

Our excellent rating allows us to provide attractive financing through your bank.

With the G1 guarantee as the basis for your financing, your project has the best possible coverage.

Interest rates for individual financing

Based on your coverage, we offer very attractive financing instruments through domestic and foreign commercial banks. The interest rate depends on the financing requirements.

Interest rates for individual financing

We offer financing in euros and foreign currencies.
We offer financing in euros and foreign currencies.

Here you can find an overview of current interest rates.

The interest rate is based on the planned duration and structure of the credit disbursements and repayments, and can be calculated simply using the OeKB Loan Pricer on my.oekb.

How to get production financing

  1. Contact us before concluding your contract.
  2. Submit your application and all documents required to OeKB.
  3. Having assessed the risks and given a positive response, the Federal Government accepts liability.
  4. Benefit from our attractive financing conditions.

Your partner in all phases of your project

With the export guarantee, you can carry out your export transactions and be well-covered. We are your reliable partner for covering and financing from the early project phases on. Contact us early on, so that we can also assist you in the preparatory phase with:

  • Cost estimate for your calculation
  • Priority notice as a letter of intent
  • Preliminary commitment
  • Guarantee when concluding the contract

Cost estimate

You will benefit from talking to us during planning. We can support you with a solid cost estimate for coverage, so that you can include coverage costs from the very beginning.

Priority notice

During the bidding phase, we can strengthen your position with a priority notice. With a letter of intent (LOI), we confirm that we can, in principle, guarantee your project.

Preliminary commitment

As soon as you start negotiating with your business partner and the bank, we can issue you a preliminary commitment. This has already been approved by the advisory board and only involves a minimal processing fee.

Export Guarantee

Once the contract is concluded, if the risk exposure remains unchanged, you can quickly transform a preliminary commitment into an effective guarantee without having to wait for the advisory board’s evaluation. It is important that you contact us before any risk arises.

Guarantee for Direct Exports of Goods and/or Services

Guarantees for Indirect Exports of Goods and/or Services      

Other forms

Apply for OeKB Online Exportgarantien

Using my.oekb, you can apply for and manage export guarantees online. If you already have general access to my.oekb, you only need to apply for access to the Online export guarantees service. If you do not have access yet, simply register online here: Online registration Export Services

Any more questions?

Our specialists will be happy to advise you and offer you straightforward support.

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Your bank as a partner

Ask your bank for production financing with export guarantees from OeKB.